Clearcast Annual Party
This was a really fun project to be involved with. I was asked by Clearcast, an agency in the U.K who specialise in clearing adverts for leading brands and businesses worldwide. For this project I was asked to design numerous points for their annual party. These included, an animated invite, a photo-booth in which staff could be photographed on the night of the party, plus ten portraits of staff from their head office in London. This was fun I have to say. It was a pleasure to work with all the crew from Clearcast on this.
Half and Half Collages/ Personal Work
Digital Collages.
Abstract Pop Prints
A series of illustrations that were inspired by the "Memphis Design from the 1980's" & Pop Art. These are personal illustrations. Sometimes less is a lot more
Digital Collages May 2019
Surreal modern vintage digital collages
Personal Illustrations December 18
Here are a series of personal illustrations that I recently finished.
A Case For Stairs
Having recently completed two large scale illustrations for Navigation Square in Cork City Centre, I was requested to create 7 large scale typographic artworks. Each of these artworks were located on the stair landings between each floor . I really enjoyed working on this.
Jimdo Unused Illustrations
A series of illustrations for a Talenthouse competition. These illustrations were unused
Navigation Square Large Scale Illustrations
I was delighted to work with Bam construction, to illustrate two large scale images which were located in the elevator area of the underground car park in the newly constructed Navigation Square. Naviagtion Square is located on Albert Quay in the heart of Cork City's business district. These illustrations are roughly 5 meters wide and 2.5 meters tall.
Good Times Sydney Promotional Material
I was delighted to work with TMRW music (formerly Ministry of Sound Australia) to work on the promotional material for their upcoming show, Good Times Sydney.
Competition entries for the Slowdownstudio art competition
Mix and Match
I was commissioned by Chinese publisher Sandu Publishing to contribute to their upcoming release, Mix and Match / Exploring Contemporary Collage. The book showcases collage works from over 30 leading artists in the field from around the world, ranging from artistic pieces, editorial design, book covers and inspired advertising
Kisses Screen Print (For Sale)
A print I recently completed in The Limerick Printmakers. A three colour hand pulled screen print, on 285gsm Fabriano Rosapina substrate. Ice cream pink as the base colour, flouroescent pink for the typography and the final layer is a mix of standard medium and iridescent medium. This gives the background layer a shimmering effect. This print is for sale. A small edition of 10 only.
Fashion Meets Music
Fashion meets music, two worlds collide. Fashion and music meet in an otherworldly fashionable place. Polkas meet turntables. Garments meet synths. These are a series of personal illustrations.
Restorative Practices How-To Guide
I was asked to design a how-to guide for Limerick Restorative Practices. In the context of the Limerick Restorative Practices Project, Restorative Practices can be defined as: A framework for building, maintaining and strengthening relationships and responding to conflict through authentic conversations, that facilitates a shared understanding of what happened and how things can be made right.
Secret Society Illustrations
I was commissioned by a Nightclub in Limerick City, Ireland to create a series of 8 illustrations and an identity to promote a new club night called Secret Society.
Inside The Sporting Mind
For this brief I was asked, to create a series of portrait illustrations of four Irish legends. The title of the campaign was called "Inside the Sporting Mind" I intended to create a fun and exciting view of what goes on inside the minds of Ronan O Gara, Liam Brady, Ruby Walsh & Donal Lenihan.
Epic Ireland
EPIC tells the moving and unforgettable stories of those who left the island of Ireland, and how they influenced and shaped the world. EPIC embraces the past and the future with 1,500 years of Irish history and culture housed in its atmospheric vaults. I collaborated with Epic Ireland to create an Illustration of Che Guevara.
Apollo Jackson Single Artwork
I was commissioned by TMRW (formerly known as Ministry of Sound Australia) to design the upcoming release by Apollo Jackson, the famous magician, on TMRW music.
Arnotts / Spring into Summer
I was asked to design an identity and various advertising for the Spring into Summer fashion talk with make-up Artist Aideen Murphy and Fashion Influencer Niamh Cullen, who hosted a workshop in-store to help their customers transition into Summer with style.
Mad Cowboy Packaging Design
Mad Cowboy Packaging Design. (Unused)
I was contacted by an Advertising studio in Dublin that specialises in animated storytelling called Storyhorse. The client wanted me to create two static images for the studios website. Storyhorse create animations with high production values that are aligned specifically for brand communication.
Space Between Unused Illustrations
Mizdrea Debut EP Artwork
Having heard Mizdreas music I was honoured to be asked to contribute to their project. Uplifting electronic pop.
Mikhail Bulgakov eBook Covers
I was commissioned by Rosetta Books to create 10 ebook cover/jackets for their upcoming release by the modern Russian Author Mikhail Bulgakov. Rosetta books are the leading independent eBook publisher, annually selling 2 million+ eBooks worldwide.
By The Bay Illustrations
I was asked to visualise the steps on how to pass a law in San Francisco. As this is quite a boring topic I felt that the story should be told in a fun way.
AHECS Conference 2016
I was requested to design a booklet for the AHECS conference in 2016, which was held in Cork Institute of Technology. The Association of Higher Education Careers Services (AHECS) is the professional association of careers advisory and placement professionals in higher education in Ireland.
Catrice Cosmetics
A series of illustrations for Catrice Cosmetics, these illustrations are a competition entry that didn't get chosen. I wanted to capture the essence of the Catrice holographic products, my aim was to bring to life the holographic trend. From fashion to beauty products, I wanted to amalgamate elements of fashion such as patterns like the chevron and polka with holographic shapes to bring to life and celebrate the newest range of Catrice products.
Restorative Practices
I was asked to design three posters based on three individuals drawings from the Restorative Practices programme in Limerick, Ireland. The drawings were the winning entries from a competition, and the winning entries had their drawings graphically designed into posters.
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